There had to be a better way.

It became paramount for us to deliver an intuitive, informative and comprehensive healthcare services platform.

With that,

FindDoc was born.


We believe people in Asia should be able to make well informed choices based on relevant information and facts, just like their counterparts in the United States or elsewhere and not merely rely on referrals. FindDoc exists to provide an intuitive platform for people to search for appropriate information on healthcare providers and efficiently book their services.

FindDoc was founded in 2012 to honor our friend, the late Hong Kong business leader Mohan Mahtani. Mohan sustained a serious concussion and fell into a coma. His family desperately tried to find leading neurosurgeons but found that information was not readily available.

Mohan’s daughter Poonam reached out her friends for help. Sadly, Mohan never regained consciousness and passed away on October 23rd, 2011.

Mohan Mahtani
In honor of the late Mohan Mahtani 6-26-1937 to 10-23-2011


Intuitive for patients, effective for medical practitioners

Starting from a blank sheet of paper, we were determined to provide an uncompromised class leading system - one that would be intuitive to use for patients, as well as helpful and effective for medical practitioners and their businesses. One that would make Mohan proud. Since inception, the team listened to and worked closely with practitioners and consultants on all levels in medicine and healthcare. It was critical to understand their needs and requirements as well as that of the general public’s.

Our founders’ vision are met by our team of technologists - leaders in their respective disciplines and graduates from the world’s leading universities; Stanford, Wharton, Cornell, Carnegie Mellon, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, Rhode Island School of Design, the University of New Hampshire and the University of Washington. Together, they created a comprehensive system that we are proud of. With this offering, we believe that FindDoc is uniquely positioned to serve as Hong Kong’s first multilingual centralized online healthcare information and appointment platform.

To use our service, patients visit FindDoc’s website or use our free mobile applications and enter their location, insurance plans, and/or the specialty of the medical practitioner they wish to visit. FindDoc then displays physicians' schedules in real-time, along with their credentials in order to help patients select a suitable medical practitioner that best fits their needs.

Patients simply select a time slot and complete a brief three-step booking process to secure an appointment. FindDoc then sends reminders to help patients remember to attend their appointments.

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